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I think yesterday. And all the times I spent being lonely. I watched the young be young while all the singers sung about the way I felt.

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Bill Skarsgård in METRO: Goteborg (Dated July 4, 2014) Photographed by Gustav Gräll


Translation from /pamfan12 (Tack!!)

Bill Skarsgård: It’s not supposed to look sexy!

When Bill Skarsgård shot Season 2 of “Hemlock Grove” he only had one goal - his vampirecharacter shouldn’t be like the attractive/desirable “Twilight vampires”, I don’t want it to look sexy being bitten by me, he says.

Just in time for summer vacation Netflix releases season 2 of the dark dramaseries “Hemlock Grove”, produced by the master of horror himself, Eli Roth. The trailer reveals that there will be more gore and blood than before. It’s more graphic in season 2 and you get to see the werewolf transformation with Landon Liboiron in a new way. It looks much more uncomfortable this time, he pulls off his own skin among other things, says Bill Skarsgård, 23. His own character the vampire Roman Godfrey gets his own share of blood. For my part it was important that Roman’s attacks should look more graphic. I don’t want it to look sexy being bitten by him, he says and continues: - Due to “Twilight” and other movies lately there’s been a romanticization of being bitten by a vampire. I hope that no one wants to be bitten by Roman, it should look brutal, it should look as if the main artery is torn and blood gushes out. The trailer also shows Bill Skarsgård’s character eating leeches from the chest of an older man. - The leeches I ate were made of jelly. I didn’t think the leechthing was gross, but I worried about getting chest hairs from the man when I tore off the leeches. I would have found that really disgusting. But it went well. Bill Skarsgård tells us that he awaits accepting other parts/roles until he knows if there will be another season of “Hemlock grove”. It would be fun to shoot a third season. I’ve had some offers for other things but it depends on what happen with the series.

Age: 24, Family: Mom My, siblings Alexander, Gustaf, Sam, Eija and Valter. Dad Stellan and his wife Megan Everett and their two sons.         

This only translates the top half (or top 2/3). I’ll post the rest in a second.

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